Jackie Bird

Jackie Bird, a Hispanic and Cross-Cultural Marketing Expert




Jackie Bird is the founder and CEO of Redbean Society, a New York -based, marketing and consulting firm that specializes in marketing to Latinas and their influence in the broader Multicultural consumer segment. As a passionate leader and visionary of Hispanic marketing, Jackie’s unique experience, drive and cultural understanding fueled the creation of Redbean Society.


For most people, the name Redbean Society elicits a smile. In fact, the name was born from one of the deepest connections that bring all Latino cultures together: our Hispanic heritage, our food, and our beans. While all countries consume different type of beans, Jackie Bird’s, of course, would be red beans as these are the staple in Puerto Rico, her country of origin. Redbean Society represents all Latino cultures, their influence over mainstream America and the society that exists between the company and its collaborators, its clients and their end consumers.

Jackie Bird founded Redbean Society in 2009, a WBE-certified brand marketing consulting firm that advises marketers and ad agencies on cross-cultural strategy and multicultural consumer insights. With specialized expertise in the understanding of Latina consumer behavior and their influence on other ethnic groups, Redbean Society helps clients identify growth opportunities and develop strategic platforms that are culturally sensitive and relevant to a diverse and highly dynamic multicultural consumer segment.



Prior to starting Redbean Society, Jackie Bird was the CEO at WING (2000-2008), Grey Worldwide’s Hispanic advertising subsidiary and West Indies & Grey (1993-2000), Puerto Rico. During her tenure Jackie worked with a cross-section of Fortune 500 clients such as Procter & Gamble, Diageo and Coors Light, helping them build their brands across the US Hispanic market, LATAM and Puerto Rico. She began her marketing career at Procter & Gamble and is currently active in the P&G Alumni Association and the American Marketing Association (AMA), NY Chapter.

Over the past two decades, Jackie Bird has devoted herself to working with companies that are consumer-centric and have a strong national imprint, such as Pantene, Cover Girl and Jimmy Dean, among many others. Through Jackie’s current work and past experience with Latin American and Hispanic companies like Empresas Tajín, Cortés Hermanos and Goya Foods, Redbean Society is also uniquely poised to serve independently owned, private companies in LATAM that want to extend their brands to the U.S. Hispanic market. Brand recognition and in-language communications are the obvious connections, however in the U.S., LATAM brands compete in a much larger context with national brands among younger, bi-cultural and bilingual consumers who grew up or were born in the U.S. A keen understanding of the consumer trends in cross-cultural behaviors and the dynamics that drive them, are centric to an integrated brand strategy.

Jackie Bird is a frequently invited to speak on the topic of marketing to Latinas in forums and conferences across the U.S. such as the M2W-Marketing to Women, Latin Vision, Latino Trailblazers, Multicultural Retail 360 and the School of Communications at the University of Texas in El Paso, among many others.

An avid believer in doing business with purpose, Jackie Bird currently serves as Trustee for the Lehman College Foundation and mentors young students and entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico and New York. She is a Past Chair & Board Member of AHAA (Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies) and the Association of Advertising Agencies of Puerto Rico (AAPPR).