Understanding The Cultural Dynamics That Impact Multicultural & Cross-Cultural Female Consumers

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Redbean Society is a strategy and marketing consulting firm established in New York City in 2009 by Jackie Bird, C-level marketing executive and Hispanic ad agency maven. Jackie’s leadership and more than 25 years of experience, have led Redbean Society to pave the way for marketers to better understand the powerful influence that multicultural women have over brand development in an increasingly diverse U.S. marketplace.

Redbean Society Strategy and Marketing Consultants are grounded on the belief that led by Latinas, multicultural women are the main influencers of consumer behavior in the new America.


Latinas Are Significant Catalysts in America’s Economic Growth

According to a 2013 report published by A.C. Nielsen, Latinas are in the driver’s seat when it comes to influencing the mainstream U.S. economy. By the year 2060, Latinas are expected to represent 30 percent of the total U.S. female population. In fact Latinas today represent 44% of all Millennial women 18-34. Holding the key to the US Hispanic market’s $1.5 Trillion buying power, Latinas are attaining higher levels of education, starting more small businesses and climbing the socioeconomic ladder in meaningful numbers compared to the average Non Hispanic female. Marketers that get ahead of this curve by addressing their needs will be uniquely poised for growth.

At home, work and in their communities cross-cultural women are sharing relevant content with their families and peers and engaging with brands. In the media , they are seen as trendsetters in influence and as aspirational “women to watch”. And, they over index in usage of digital devices, thus becoming powerful influencers across digital platforms, social media and their communities.

Importantly, these women continue to uphold the traditional values of their culture of origin while equally embracing American culture. They are raising bi-cultural, bilingual and multicultural children and expect their offspring to respect both cultures equally as they grow up in America. This cultural duality infuses their behavior as consumers and provides rich, deep context for their expectations from brands.
As a result, the one-size fits all approach to marketing and communications strategies no longer applies. Marketers need to re-invent and reflect these changes that are influencing the total population.

This is where Redbean Society Strategy and Marketing Consultants come into play. Through hands-on experience and first-hand cultural understanding, Redbean Society Strategy and Marketing Consultants delivers cultural insights to help marketers and ad agencies harness the total potential of a cross-cultural America.

With a Total Market Strategy, Total Integration ModelSM and Cultural LinkingSM, Redbean Society Strategy and Marketing Consultants arms you with the necessary tools to successfully address these dynamics with validated growth models.

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