Behind Our Name

Understanding the fusion of cultures that represent the Latina community in the U.S.

A Name That Resonates with Latin Culture


The name Redbean Society comprises a deep-rooted meaning that reflects our cross-cultural market. Redbean Society’s name derives from three significant words in the Spanish language. The first two are red and bean or habichuela while the second is Society or sociedad.

The bean or habichuela in Spanish, is a powerful super food that is a main staple in the diet of all Latin American, African American and Asian cultures. The red bean is not only significant for its nutritional value and health benefits, but also for its cultural and historical traditions in the sustenance of the represented communities.

This representation is clearly displayed in a dish called arroz con habichuelas, or red beans and rice, a traditional Puerto Rican and Caribbean dish. This dish symbolizes the fusion of cultures that now reflect a diverse people.

Society comes from the Latin word societas which in turn is derived from the word socius or comrade or socios which in Spanish means partners that work in conjunction to achieve a common goal. Redbean Society works with you to grasp the changing dynamics of a cross-cultural America, helping you understand how culture is impacting the evolution of the U.S. consumer market.

Just like the red beans or habichuelas that are a staple in Latin American homes, Redbean Society cultivates marketing strategies that authentically resonate with US Latinos and extends your reach with effective influence on your total audience.

As the US Latino population in America continues to grow, it is imperative that companies address the entire market and adopt a Total Market Approach that considers the cultural nuances of all groups in context with human truths. This is particularly applicable when we consider the influence of Latina consumers across business sectors and categories.
Redbean Society understands the intricate tapestry that encompasses the US cultural landscape and recognizes the predominance of Latino culture, values and traditions and how to develop brand propositions that are culturally sensitive, relevant and accurately reach the range of cultures that live in the US.

Redbean Society recognizes that every culture is unique, which is why it is vital to adopt an approach that considers the cultural nuances of diverse audiences. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there must be a different execution for each ethnic group but it does mean that one size does not fit all. Through insight discovery and its thoughtful evolution to strategy, your brand will be more meaningful to cross cultural consumers and better poised for success with today’s growth market segments.