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We are grateful to our signature sponsors, Pepsico, Sara Lee and VISA, and to our partners New American Dimensions, who have made possible the undertaking and completion of this study. It is not viable to address all the findings and conclusions of this in-depth review into Latina shopper behavior in a single blog or publication. To this effect, we partnered with our friends at in order to publicize non-proprietary data on a regular basis over a period of 13 weeks during 2011.

The results reveal many insights that to some level begin to dispel the somewhat accepted myth that Latinas are overwhelmingly brand loyal, emotional in their brand choices and predominantly buy in the same stores every week. La vida nos da sorpresas, ay Dios… The economic crisis of 2009 and the rising of a more acculturated group of Latinas, have irreversibly changed the way they shop for themselves and their families. In fact, Latinas are on the driver’s seats of their shopping carts, in-store and online. While a good number of these women (29%) “Las Pragmaticas” still like to shop in-store and see/touch/feel what they are buying, a whopping 31% “Las Digitalistas” are shopping online and 25% –“Las Fre$itas” browse and research online before they shop. Even those that fit more closely to our Spanish-dominant shopper moms, “Las Exploradoras” visit a number of stores looking for special deals, coupons (YES! COUPONS!!), and they like to experiment with new products.

Let us introduce you to a brave new world of Latina shoppers. The implications for marketers abound. For starters, marketers need to view shopper marketing as they do all other components of the marketing mix. It is strategy, not execution; forefront, not afterthought. We need to understand consumers not only as users and influencers to usage but as shoppers. This is no longer only about Spanish language packaging or POS materials. To stand out above the noise at the store, shopper marketing needs to evolve from the display piece and the in-store sampling to full shopping experiences that are grounded on shopper insights and relevant to the target shopper. After all, this is the fastest growing consumer segment in the U.S. and Latina shoppers are the decision makers for over 80% of all purchases among Hispanic households.