Redbean Society’s Mission and Beliefs

Guiding your Total Market Success is our mission.

Redbean Society Mission

At Redbean Society, Community, Collaboration, Transparency and Confidentiality guide our relationships with Clients.

Grounded on Jackie Bird’s professional track record and work ethic, Redbean Society Strategy Consultants believes in collaboration as the first step to relationship building. Our mission is to embrace your goals as if they are our own, and advise you and your team every step of the way,as an extension of your team. Our mission is to help you expand your reach and develop a strategic plan that can be executed flawlessly using your existing resources and capabilities, or recommending modifications where needed.

At Redbean Society, we view people as an endless source of inspiration; and we believe that the path to success lies in dialogue, the open exchange of ideas; and a clear strategy that’s grounded on the understanding of your business through insightful discovery.

Purpose – Our Purpose is to be Growth Agents to our client’s business and brands by leveraging our areas of expertise and consumer understanding on their behalf.

As such, Redbean Society Strategy Consultants deliver strategy consulting services and cultural insights to help marketers and ad agencies harness the total potential of a cross cultural America. Behind this purpose, lies Jackie Bird’s +25 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., LATAM and Puerto Rico, building brands and engaging the hearts of Latina consumers.

Values – Community. Collaboration. Confidentiality. Transparency. In today’s business environment, clients face the challenges of growth and marketing integration in a highly diversified consumer population, fragmented media space and evolving use of technology. At Redbean Society, we work through these challenges in community with your goals and marketing structure; in collaboration with your teams and partners; thus creating a confidential and transparent relationship.