Learn what our partners have to say about Jackie Bird and Redbean Society

Aldo Fernández
CEO, TAJIN International

TAJÍN International began working with Jackie Bird and Redbean Society in 2010. Their entrepreneurial spirit, sharp understanding of Hispanic moms and high energy quickly made the team an integral part of our own. Under Jackie’s leadership, Redbean Society has made important value contributions to TAJÍN’s market development in the United States.

Jackie has skillfully and knowledgeably led qualitative and quantitative research study initiatives among US moms and helped us convert consumer insights into highly successful strategies and communications plans. Among her most recent contributions is her involvement in the “America’s new way to enjoy fruits & veggies” advertising campaign and integrated marketing program. An example of counter-crossover marketing, the campaign resulted in double-digit sales growth, qualified increases in KPI’s and solid market expansion.

I want to say that TAJÍN’s relationship and collaboration with Jackie Bird is as solid as ever and we expect that will continue to be for years to come.


Laston Charriez
Senior Vice President Marketing North America at Western Union
Jackie has been a great partner for over 20 years. This recommendation relates to the latest effort we worked together on. Specifically at Sara Lee, we hired the Red Bean society to help develop a pilot for Jimmy Dean first ever Hispanic Market entry. Jackie led Redbean to conduct a quick Assesment of the landscape, determine the right target audience, copy promotion strategy and develop a unique execution for the Hispanic Consumer. This was all conducted at double time speed and delvered a 17% growth in Jimmy Dean sales in the test market City. Afterwards the same copy was expanded Nationally with very good results.”


David Allio
Partner, Allio Associates
C-Level Strategy and Corporate Development Executive with expertise in Marketing and Finance
“I’ve worked with Jackie numerous times and on numerous CPG brands to develop leading integrated marketing programs. Her pragmatic approach coupled with value-added insights and inspired creativity led to growing and sustainable leadership positions for these brands within their respective markets. Under her leadership Grey built an enviable position in the Caribbean and LA regions. Sharp, shrewd and driven encapsulate her essence. She’s an inspirational leader who delivers time and time again.”


Mike Carlton
Carlton Associates Inc.
Jackie is an outstanding advertising and marketing professional. 

I first met her 20 years ago while on a consulting engagement with West Indies Advertising in San Juan. I was greatly impressed with her both personally and professionally. Through the years we have stayed in touch as she mastered increasingly important assignments with West Indies & Grey and then on to New York to head up Wing Latino. 

Now she is in the process of reinventing herself again. Whatever challenge she undertakes moving forward I have no doubt but that she will continue to be resoundingly successful.”


Gary Bonilla
Chief Strategy Officer
Universal McCann G14
“My collaboration with Jackie resulted in well thought out and successful consumer segmentation process that yielded archetypes and mindsets. Through this process our clients had the opportunity to cast wider nets and increase their consumer base without diluting the brands. It helped us achieve big news business wins and grow our existing clients’ business. Jackie’s leadership and vision provided the space to achieve this. I am very proud to have worked with her.”


Liz Saracheck Blacker
Chief Revenue Officer at Terra USA
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jackie for approximately ten years. We first met through work events including AHAA when she was in a leadership position on the board and running Wing Latino in Puerto Rico and NY. In the fall of 2004, I produced a panel for New York Advertising Week – this was the first ever session on the US Hispanic Market. Jackie was one of our esteemed panelists. She brought a deep understanding of the market to the panel, along with an effervescent personality, contagious laugh and warm presence. I recommend her highly and look forward to working with her on many projects in the future.”


Gary Villani
Organizational & Leadership Development Consultant
I had the privilege of working with Jackie during her tenure as President & CEO of Wing Latino. Jackie’s employee population was among the groups that I supported in my role as VP, Organizational Development at Grey Group.

Throughout our business relationship, I had the opportunity to observe Jackie’s exemplary leadership skills in action. As a business unit leader, Jackie developed and promoted a strong vision for her agency and its contributions in targeted marketing for the Hispanic community. Her keen insights about the Latino consumer, coupled with her skills in strategic communication, led to a string of successful campaigns for her clients.

Jackie’s commitment to excellence and her focus on achievement was evident every time we worked together—whether it be running her team through its paces for a big pitch meeting or leading a five-year planning session to chart the future for her agency. In addition to her business acumen, Jackie proved herself to be an inspirational and empathetic people leader. She set high performance standards for her team, cultivated their talents and cared about them as individuals.

Beyond all these admirable qualities, what I remember most about working with Jackie is her positive energy, collaborative spirit and warm personality. I wish her every success with her newest business venture.


Leslie Singer
Chief Creative Officer at Coastal Connecticut Media
Jackie’s sharp mind and passionate spirit gives her an unmatched marketing prowess. She understands the nuances that makes her niche so valuable to any marketer. And since so much of our business is about the details – her sharp mind can’t be beat. She has all the ingredients that make me want to work with her again as soon as possible.”