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Strategy Consulting Services That Hit The Growth Mark

Redbean Society is a cross –cultural strategy and marketing consulting firm established in New York City in 2009 by Jackie Bird, a C-level marketing and ad agency executive with more than 25 years of experience. Under Jackie’s expert leadership Redbean Society Strategy Consultants have paved the way for marketers to better understand the powerful influence that cross-cultural and Latina consumers have over brand development in an increasingly diverse America. Redbean Society specializes in marketing to Latinas, the key decision makers for the purchase of brands in U.S. Latino households and provides specialized services to help your business succeed in a Cross-Cultural consumer environment. Redbean Society’s strategy consulting services arms marketers and ad agencies with the necessary tools to clearly address the dynamics that are greatly impacting today’s marketplace. Below is an outline of the services we provide to help you harness your potential in this ever-changing market.


  • Strategy Consulting Services

    C-Level Consulting Advisory Services & Solutions

    Redbean Society’s C-level Consulting services are as unique as your business. Like the unique ingredients of arroz con habichuelas, Redbean Society provides strategy consulting services that are not canned or processed but directly meet your needs. Guided by a combination of Jackie Bird’s vision and experience, Redbean Society believes that well-crafted business strategies must be driven by deep consumer insights and open-minded thinking so that you could evaluate every aspect of your marketing mix to reach or exceed your marketing goals. Just as the carefully concocted arroz con habichuelas, Jackie Bird carefully crafts a recipe with an executive perspective that drives your company with solutions that accelerate business growth. Jackie’s motivating and exciting program encompasses comprehensive consulting, training and coaching. Leaders are given the tools to enhance their effectiveness and achieve their goals as they overcome challenges of the ever-changing market.

    •Business & Marketing Strategy
    •Brand Planning
    •Integrated Campaign Strategy
    •Creating a culturally diverse organization
    •New business development

  • Strategy Consulting Services Cultural Insights

    Cultural Insights

    Redbean Society gives marketers an inside view of Latina consumers, through their own eyes. Understanding what she wants, we know what questions to ask and develop culturally inspired strategies that create brand loyalty by aligning your brand proposition with their cultural values, mindsets, and aspirations. The Latina Shopper Study that Redbean Society conducted allowed marketers to get an inside view of the Latina shopper and distinctly identify four distinctly unique profiles of Latina shoppers assessed on their shopping patterns.

    •Latina Insights Advisory
    •Discovery & Market Research
    •Customer Profile Definition
    •Research, Data Analysis & Reports

  •  Strategy Consulting Services Ideation


    For most people, strategies need to be understood through ideas and execution. Jackie Bird’s expertise creating great campaigns and integrated marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies provides a sound platform for Ideation advisory services. Redbean Society helps marketers and brand teams formulate ideas that are relevant to Hispanic consumers and cross-cultural women. By creating an open and collaborative environment for idea generation, combined with proven techniques in team integration, Jackie Bird is uniquely poised to lead discussions and foster the free exchange of ideas.

  •  Strategy Consulting Services Work Sessions

    Presentations & Work Sessions

    Redbean Society’s provides creative, innovative and fun presentations and work sessions to enhance your team’s knowledge of the Hispanic Market and immerse them into the culture. We provide research and develop projects that enhance your understanding of the U.S. Hispanic Market through customized content and various techniques.

    •The Hispanic Market Opportunity
    •Find your sweet spot
    •Effectively Using Media
    •Cross cultural Influencers
    •Diversity Integration
    •Marketing Intgration
    •Custom, upon request

  •  Strategy Consulting Services Brand Identity

    Brand Identity

    Building brands isn’t easy in today’s diverse environment. It takes a strong brand strategy to reach out to the general market as well as the Hispanic Market. Guided by the expertise and knowledge of Jackie Bird, Redbean Society’s strategy consulting services will guide you with the right ingredients to devise a plan that will meet your business needs and achieve a customer experience that leaves a lasting impression. With the use of a Total Market Strategy, a Total Integration ModelSM, Cultural LinkingSM, Cultural Insights and years of experience, Jackie Bird will drive your strategy and create an integrated engagement plan that will meet your business objectives, maximize your ROI and yield success.

    •Brand Planning
    •Brand Blueprint
    •Aligning Brand Values to Culture

  • jackie_bird_speaker

    Speaking Engagements by Jackie Bird

    Jackie Bird is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about everything Latino. An expert in Latina marketing. Jackie’s lectures discuss the Latina woman, empowerment and motivation. Her dynamic and high-energy style will delight your audiences and help them bring insights to life for actionable learning, planning and strategy development.
    Jackie Bird discusses several topics which include Hispanic Marketing, Marketing to Latinas and Brand Development.

    •Hispanic Marketing
    •Marketing to Latina Women
    •Cultural Factors
    •Strategic Development for Advertising