Total Market Strategy

Reach Multicultural Consumers with a Total Market Strategy

Think Total Market. Now.

total market strategy

Redbean Society helps marketers and ad agencies harness the total potential of a Cross-Cultural America. With deep roots in Hispanic Marketing and Consumer Insights, Redbean Society provides solutions for Total Market Strategy and Marketing Integration.

A Total Market Strategy is one that considers the inclusion of cross-cultural and/or Hispanic consumer insights at the inception of the strategy development process. The resulting strategy, marketing plan or communications platform is one that holds a human truth at its core, is told authentically through a cultural insight and is relevant across all cultures.

Growth can no longer be sustained in the U.S. if your strategies only address a portion of your potential customers. For years, companies, ad agencies and marketers have faced challenges in addressing multicultural communities and have carried out a cookie-cutter approach from their general market programs that don’t capture our ever changing consumer landscape. Compounded to this, often the ethnic segments are an after-thought in the process.

Looking deeply beyond demographics you will see that cultural factors play a meaningful role in shaping human behavior and this will allow you to develop strategies that are relevant to ethnically diverse consumers.

If you don’t face up to this reality, you will soon be out of the race. Today, your brand marketing strategy must be inclusive and relevant to growth segments like Latinos, Millennials, Interracial Families and other diverse population segments.

Of course, most companies or brands must prioritize their budget allocations as it is both impractical and redundant to have a special campaign for each consumer segment.

This is why it is vital for companies and their leaders to adopt a Total Market Strategy.

Redbean Society’s multifaceted Total Market Strategy addresses the influences that drive consumer behavior across cultures, media and social platforms. We work with your organization to craft unique and culturally driven strategies that can help you reach and be relevant to these growth segments.

As a Latina owned consulting company, we understand the power and cultural dimensions of the Latino community in the U.S. and approach each individual project from a Total Market Strategy perspective that trumps generic marketing tactics and drives relevance across your key markets.