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Redbean Society is a New York based cross –cultural strategy consulting firm established in 2009 by Jackie Bird. As a C-level marketing and ad agency executive who has walked the talk, Jackie is poised to add value and deliver expert solutions for your marketing success.

Our goal at Redbean Society is to help you find strategic solutions that achieve synergies and operational efficiencies in today’s challenging, complex, multi-platform, multi-channel and cross-cultural consumer market environment.

As a Latina owned strategy consulting firm, our solutions are rooted from our strong cultural understanding, our research and most importantly our experience, all of which allows us to approach a multicultural and diverse market from a very unique point of view: the role of women as household decision makers and peer influencers across cultures.

Simply put, we help marketers and ad agencies identify their growth potential and their path to win in a cross-cultural America.

Redbean Society Strategy Consultants Define Cross-Cultural Marketing
Many people may argue that Cross-Cultural and International Marketing are the same thing but cross-cultural marketing is much more than simple translation. When planning marketing campaigns and media, Cross-Cultural Marketing is a marketing approach that considers the cultural nuances and influences of ethnic groups that are exposed to, interact with and influence their peers from other cultures within a geographic area. This could be a country, region or city. In the United States for example, we can apply Cross Cultural Marketing to address multicultural consumers of Hispanic, African American and Asian, as influencers of mainstream America. Most importantly, this requires rich cultural understanding to implement strategies that respect cultural differences while inspiring messages that reflect a brand’s identity.

Under the leadership of Jackie Bird, Redbean Society understands the cultural nuances and dimensions of the Hispanic community and the power of the Latina woman. Not only does Redbean Society understand this cross-cultural or multicultural perspective, but additionally conducts research and analysis that quantify and/or validate the impact that Latinas have on brand business. This analysis helps enhance our cultural understanding and enables us to craft targeted strategies for plans and communications that are relevant and engaging.