Always and Dove: Brands that Empower Women’s Self-Esteem

#LikeAGirl and #SpeakBeautiful: Empowering Women’s Self-Esteem

Brands that Empower Women’s Self-Esteem

On #SuperBowl night @RedbeanSociety tweeted in support of @Always #LikeAGirl campaign because this ad definitely struck a chord on a sensitive and important topic, that of girls’ self-esteem. As we continue to track public response, it’s rewarding to see the overwhelming evidence of support for @Always, at over 20,000 followers on Twitter and over 55 Million views on YouTube for #LikeAGirl.

Importantly, the Always brand is now seeing sales rise in the high single digits according to a WWD report on P&G Chairman, President & CEO A.G. Lafley’s message at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference in Boca Raton last week. Great brand, meaningful message and highly relevant campaign,  @Always #LikeAGirl is doing a great job in fostering consumer engagement on these social media platforms. Interestingly, it’s also raising hairs among teen-age jocks and the “other” sex. LOL.

#LikeAGirl Campaign Takes Me Through My Self-Esteem Journey

When I was a young girl, I clearly recall boys putting me own for being #LikeAGirl., or better said, for BEING a girl. I was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico on a dead-end, peaceful street by the ocean in Condado, the tourist area of the city.  I spent my young years running on the beach, being carefree and dreaming of my future while watching white clouds move along clear blue skies in 80-degree weather. What a life, clearly a huge contrast to my current reality in NYC with -20 frigid temperatures!

You see, all the kids on my block were boys. We played kick ball, baseball, climbed trees, caught sand crabs in a jar and roller-skated up and down that one street. Maybe if we were daring enough we might venture into the main avenue, much against our mom’s warnings. It was great, but they were all boys and they didn’t always let me play which left me devastated.

I look back on those memories and see just how important these experiences were in my formative years. I now understand where my inner-drive and assertive nature come from, two personal qualities that have clearly brought me a long way in my career as marketer and communicator.

How Bold Marketing Speaks To Women’s Self-Esteem 

Campaigns like @Always #LikeAGirl and @Dove #SpeakBeautiful both touch that nerve inside women that speak to self-esteem and self-perception. They show us how brands can help advance causes that are relevant to their consumer target in a manner that’s authentic to the brand while building its business along the way. It was a bold and daring move to place #LikeAGirl on the Super Bowl, a male-dominated program choice. It certainly raised awareness and generated a lot of buzz on social media, albeit perhaps motivating too many jocks and irrelevant commentary along the way.

Brands like Always and Dove that market to young women should consider harnessing the power of moms, aunts, and boomer grandmas who want their daughters to thrive in a gender-neutral world and feel empowered to fulfill their aspirations. In this context, for example, #LikeAGirl should not be limited to sports and physical activity, albeit in true P&G fashion, this may very well be “the torture test” for the concept. #LikeAGirl resonates loudly in any endeavor that a young girl or woman chooses, be it physical, intellectual or aspirational. Moms and mom figures in these girls’ lives will be right there rooting for them all. And, they will follow.