Embrace our similarities and differences in one universal brand truth


Success is framed by our ability to bridge cultural nuances with relevance and sensitivity


With a global perspective and ethnic-agnostic, Millennials and Gen Z have changed marketing paradigms for brands.


We challenge that in both, but it all begins with an inclusive strategy that embraces diversity.


We help companies maximize their growth opportunities by building bridges across the cultures they serve.

Areas of Expertise


Growth Strategy

Whether by new consumer segments, geographic expansion or product innovation, we help you identify and size your opportunities for growth in a diverse America.

Cross-Cultural marketing

Leverage culture as a strategic imperative for business growth in the U.S.

Hispanic marketing

Embrace the largest consumer segment and most culturally pervasive influence in the U.S. today.

Puerto Rican Brands

You are ready to “jump over the lake” and make the push. But what about motivating the pull? Orlando is only the tip of the iceberg.


The Cross-Cultural toolkit for crossover success

 We strive to add value in everything we do. Our focus is on deliverables and results for strong ROI and consumer Engagement.


Strategy starts with insights into people’s culture, behavior and motivations.

brand building

Articulate your brand through shared values, cultural relevance and common purpose.


Be coherent: Integrate strategically for seamless execution.

Strategic Mapping

Draw a clear roadmap to position your brand with key business opportunities.


Define the brand experience and deploy seamlessly across all platforms.



Audit, position and create engaging, culturally relevant branded content that amplifies your message.


We believe in the power of brands and the growth-driving force of cultural inclusion in customer-centric brand strategies


Redbean Society started in 2009 at the crossroads of the great economic recession, the market opportunity posed by the growth of the Hispanic market in the U.S. and the relentless self-confidence of our founder, Jackie Bird.

Our first assignment was a family-owned Puerto Rican line of products that needed to rebrand its product-line to set the stage for the next generation of leadership in the company. Several well-known American brands followed, wanting to bridge their American heritage relevantly to reach and connect with Hispanic moms and other multicultural audiences.

In 2010, a Mexican brand that would become the leading chili-lime seasoning in the United States challenged us to do the reverse. Leveraging the growth and influence of the U.S. Hispanic population, Tajín has successfully crossed over to connect with U.S. mainstream consumers. Now at over 24,000 stores nationwide, Tajín’s next steps will mark its continued evolution in the broader national landscape.

These first 10 years have been challenging yet for all of it, we are smarter and always committed to helping brands and businesses grow in a changed market environment that’s not only consumer-centric but also digital and highly connected.

We thank our clients, partners and mentors for their unwavering support, understanding that success is truly measured by the countless long-standing relationships we build along the way.

Our Founder

Jackie Bird
Founder | President

Redbean Society is led by a woman who has a lot of “firsts” in her career. At Procter & Gamble in Puerto Rico, she was the first female brand manager in the marketing team. A few years later with Grey Advertising she became the first woman to be named President by a global ad agency parent company in Latin America and first female member of the agency’s Executive Committee for the region. In New York, Jackie led the reorganization, repositioning and growth of Grey’s Hispanic subsidiary in the U.S. – WING Latino, to achieve year-over-year 2-digit growth and become a center of excellence for Grey U.S. and Latin America clients.

For Jackie, all these “firsts” were grounded on three pillars: her father’s wisdom in preparing her to be self-sufficient and compete in a man’s world; a mom who didn’t know the word “impossible”; and her own passion for “the work”: the strategies, the ideas and the creative edge that earned her the respect of her clients, peers and employees. Her mentors were always men, so she very early decided to be a mentor for the many young women stars who were part of her team.

A lot has changed for career women in the last few years, yet as of today and “the me too” era, women continue to bear with gender and ethnic inequality, lack of recognition and difficulties achieving a life-work balance. Jackie envisions a world where women no longer need to be “firsts” to establish their value. Rather, a world where gender equality is not a divisive force and where women are empowered to lead the conversation and collaborate with their community to make effective change in their workplace, families and our community at large.

She continues to be a mentor to young women and is a strong believer in their power to make a difference for future generations to come. Jackie is a proud aunt, great-aunt, Godmother and Glam-Ma to Alex, Malena, Natalia, Sofia and Hailey – the Fave Five in her life.

Our Founder

Jackie Bird
Founder | President

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